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Caroline Humphrey
Dec 9, 2016

LACE Fellow Feature: Alexandria Clay

Dec 9, 2016 by Caroline Humphrey

Follow the journey of our Leadership and Community Engagement (LACE) Fellows in weekly blog posts through out the year! Here they will share their experiences and the amazing work they complete at main service sites. These main sites are non-profits in the Providence community where Fellows have chosen to complete 150 hours of service.

Alexandria Clay: RHD-RI

Hi! My name is Alexandria Clay, and I'm a junior in the painting department. I'm a returning LACE fellow, working this year at Resources for Human Development RI (RHD-RI) in Pawtucket. The organization has around 27 locations across the country. 

This program is one that provides many opportunities for adults with disabilities; many of these opportunities are art related. The organization connects clients with galleries across the country that want to show their work, provides versatile art classes, and helps artists become successfully self-employed. 

RHD RI has been brand new to me, but I have enjoyed every minute I've spent there. I am constantly surrounded by a lot of positive energy and inspiring artwork. Part of what I've been doing so far is getting to know some of the clients, and helping staff prepare for the yearly "Bizarre Bazaar," where a lot of artwork is sold. 

In an organization with more than 150 clients, I am meeting someone knew and learning about their experiences each day. As I am very interested in the intersection between art and service, so far it has been a great experience.