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Caroline Humphrey
Nov 17, 2016

LACE Fellow Feature: Kathia St. Hilaire

Nov 17, 2016 by Caroline Humphrey

Follow the journey of our Leadership and Community Engagement (LACE) Fellows in weekly blog posts through out the year! Here they will share their experiences and the amazing work they complete at main service sites. These main sites are non-profits in the Providence community where Fellows have chosen to complete 150 hours of service.

Kathia St. Hilaire: Mt. Hope Learning Center

I am a Senior in printmaking and the Community Liaison (CL) at Mt. Hope Learning Center (MHLC) for a second year. As a CL, I am excited to help bridge the gap between MHLC, their literacy initiative, and RISD. MHLC has had a strong relationship with RISD for quite some time, and together we have formed a relationship within the Mt. Hope community.

MHLC formed an after school program for the Martin Luther King Elementary School students, and RISD students have participated in many volunteering opportunities within this program. This program has been very successful in helping the students who need extra attention and help with school work.

RISD's involvement has created a strong positive presence with many of the students at MLK. This year, MHLC is focused on literacy in this after school program and how that can be incorporated in a creative outlet.

MHLC and MLK Elementary School are also a site again this year for the MLK Day of Service on January 16. On this day, RISD students will facilitate crafts, activities, and performances for the community. Below is a photo from the MLK Day of Service at the school last year!

Currently, I have been working on recruiting new teaching assistants for MHLC's after school program. The new TA’s will be working alongside the MHLC staff to increase student literacy through many different activities. One of the many projects I have lined up is making blank books for the students to illustrate and write stories in.

I am also working on inviting different RISD clubs that could incorporate an interesting perspective in the literacy program. For the remaining part of the semester I hope to incorporate different forms of collaboration to make the start of this literacy program even more successful!