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Caroline Humphrey
Oct 26, 2016

LACE Fellows 2016-17

Oct 26, 2016 by Caroline Humphrey

The Leadership and Community Engagement Fellows 2016-17!

Alexandria Clay

Hi! My name is Alexandria Clay and I'm a junior in the painting department. This is my second year in the LACE Fellowship. Last year I worked with Rhode Island for Community and Justice, a small non profit dedicated to fighting bias and encouraging understanding. This year I am excited to be working with RHD-RI Freedom through art, a program that helps those with disabilities develop new skills and become more integrated in the local community using the arts.

Annie Keating

I am a senior at RISD in the Textiles department. I am from central Pennsylvania and love living in Providence. I hope to positively affect the textile industry through sustainable design and socially conscious practices. I am interested in shaping systems that allow consumers to better participate in a cleaner and more efficient future. I enjoys talking with her mom on the phone, raiding junk shops for treasure, and cooking dinner with my roommates. 

Donald Morris

Hi! My name is Donald Morris and I am a junior in textiles. Community engagement has been a large part of my life since high school, where my community assisted in my education and helped me get to where I am today. I believe that everyone goes on a journey through life, and it is essential to work with the community on every step of that journey. In my spare time I enjoy reading, making lame comics, and listening to music. 

Emmeline Franklin

I am a senior in Industrial Design with a liberal arts concentration in Scientific Inquiry. I am a co-founder of SHARE and Vp of the RISD Feminists. My passion for sexual assault prevention and pleasure-based sexual education have brought me to The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, a non-profit that specializes in inclusive, pleasure-guided, consent-based sex ed. I hope to one day combine my interests in human sexuality, design, and activism to save the world!

Grace Oh

Hello! My name is Grace Oh, and I am currently a sophomore in Industrial Design and the community liaison for the Providence Children’s Museum. I am from Seattle, Washington, the evergreen state! I love the outdoors, and am a big advocate of play. In the future, I hope to design playgrounds for a wide range of diverse communities. Hope to see you around!

Jess Young

Hi! I'm Jess, a junior in the Illustration Department and the Community Liaison at Providence ¡CityArts! for Youth. I love working with children and hope to one day illustrate children's books. I also enjoy coffee, cats, rainbows, scrunchies, and bike rides.

Katherine Machin

I am a sophomore painting major, a Cuban American, and daughter of two political asylum refugees. I come from a humble working class family and love to be proactive and involved in the community. I enjoy surfing, kayaking, hiking, collaborating with others on art/design related projects!

Kathia St. Hilaire

My name is Kathia St.Hilaire and I am a Senior in Printmaking. I am excited to be participating in my third of LACE and my second year as a Community Liaison for the Mt. Hope Learning Center (MHLC). During my time in both of these programs I have learned better engage with the idea of community. I hope to pursuit a stronger lasting connection with many of their program they have with the youth. I am hoping to engage RISD students to many of the MHLC opportunities, which can open a stronger relationship within both communities.

Lucy Crelli

Hi! My name is Lucy, and I am a senior studying Apparel Design with a concentration in Gender, Sexuality, and Race. I use my work as an investigation into how apparel design can shape a narrative and reclaim an identity, especially in the context of gendered sexual violence. Returning to Sojourner House, a local domestic shelter, I will continue to use LACE during my third year of the program to immerse myself more fully in the movement to prevent violence against women.

Paridhi Mundra

My name is Paridhi Mundra and I am a Junior in Illustration. This year, I am excited to be a part of the LACE Fellowship again as well as take upon the role of a Community Liaison (CL) between RISD and Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island (DIIRI). I am from Mumbai, India though I have grown up shifting across different cities. Apart from being a LACE fellow and a CL, I am also the co-leader of the Community Service Club and involved with RISD Global Initiative. I am interested in exploring meaningful ways in which I can integrate my studio practice with service and, in learning further about creating sustainable service. 

Sophie Chien

Hello! My name is Sophie Weston Chien, and I am a sophomore studying Architecture at RISD and serve as a Community Liaison and LACE fellow at Dorcas International Institute. Aligning with my studio work and my involvement with Global Initiative, I see my LACE fellowship as an opportunity to investigate and engage with the convergence of design, culture, humanity and our physical environment in the context of an increasingly globalized world. 

Sruti Suryanarayanan

Hi! My name is Sruti Suryanarayanan and I am a sophomore studying Furniture Design. Through the LACE Fellowship, I will be working with the Providence Children's Museum in hopes of learning more about creativity in education. I hope to apply what I learn in LACE to my studio work and facilitate interventions in spaces for communal betterment. 

Stephanie Zhou

Hello hello everyone! I'm Stephanie, a sophomore in sculpture and concentrating in NCSS (Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies). I'm passionate about sustainability, STEAM, community service, and activism. In my free time, I enjoy taking long walks and reading/writing. Additionally, I love mountains, especially the feeling once you've hiked to the top and can see how expansive the world is!

Will Zhang

I’m a sophomore Industrial Designer at RISD. I have been researching and working with nonprofit organizations to increase my knowledge in social entrepreneurship - specifically in two fields: education innovation and environmental and humanistic design. I’m very interested in how different forms of education can shape the youth to create positive change, and understanding people’s behavior towards the natural environment so I can incorporate ecological design into the modern world.