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Organization Overview

WANNA - GV is a chapter of a nonprofit organization aiming to reduce maternal and child mortality through cost effective methods and education. The purpose of the Grand Valley chapter of WANNA is to involve students giving back to the community through volunteering and advocacy. Students will be required to volunteer with numerous hospitals, shelters, and other organizations in the Allendale - Grand Rapids area involved with maternal/ child health.

Category Service & Advocacy
Keywords Volunteer, Ghana, hospital, children, mothers, RSO, student life.

Service & Advocacy


Rhoda Klomega

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Financial Officer

Paige Cornillie

Risk Management Officer

Jennifer Johnson

General Officer

Da'j Young


Richard Yidana


To increase awareness about maternal and child health in the community through education, volunteering, and other methods deemed fit.

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Meeting Day
  • Thursday

9:00 PM



Meeting Room

Au Sable Hall - Room 1114

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