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Welcome to Circle K!

Circle K International is a service organization made up of students who love doing community service. We do a lot of volunteer work with children, teens and adults, and work with many different organizations around Eau Claire. Past events have included volunteering at Ruby's Pantry, the Eau Claire Children's Museum, picking up trash along Clairemont Ave, and many others! We can do any service projects that are brought forth to the club and continue to get new service projects each year :) We are part of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District and also have events throughout the year where we travel to WI Dells or other places in WI and meet other Circle K groups in the district. Our three main values are Service, Fellowship, and Leadership: There are are many opportunities to do volunteer work, get to know other students, and take on leadership positions within Circle K.

We meet every Tuesday at 5:00pm in the Davies Center. This is usually a half hour meeting where we catch up, sign up for service projects and discuss any new service projects available to the club. If this seems like a big commitment, we do not required you to attend all meetings and there is not requirement on how many service projects you need to do-we just encourage you to do as much as you are able to do and still be having a great time. Anyone is welcome to join at any time!

 If you have any questions or comments about UWEC Circle K, you can email us at or contact any of our club officers.

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Live to Serve, Love to Serve!



President Name:

*MUST be a currently enrolled UWEC student.
*Please include first and last name.

Matthew Heinrich

President E-mail address:

*MUST be a currently enrolled UWEC student.

Treasurer/Financial Contact Name

*Must be different contact than all other contacts or advisor.
*Must be a currently enrolled UWEC student.
*Please include first and last name.

Madisen Nelson

Treasurer/Financial Contact E-mail address:

*Must be a currently enrolled UWEC student.

Additional Member Name #1

*Must be a different contact than all other contacts or advisor.
*Please include first and last name.

Allyson Schultze

Additional Member E-mail #1:
Primary Adviser Name:

*Must be a UWEC Faculty/Staff member.
*Please include first and last name.

Angie Stombaugh

Primary Advisor E-mail address:

*Please use UWEC e-mail address only

Upload your 2018-19 student organization constitution here - please be sure it adheres to the current 2018-19 constitution guidelines:

DON'T WANT TO CREATE YOUR OWN CONSTITUTION? ALTERNATIVE CONSTITUTION FORM OPTION AVAILABLE - Click on the following link: and simply fill out the form & hit submit! (You can then save it & upload it here within your renewal information.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Campus Affairs Commission of the Student Senate will be reviewing all constitutions to ensure compliance with the 2018-19 guidelines - to view the current guidelines please visit: OR view them within the Files module of your BluSync portal.

Your renewal submission will remain in "deferred status" until your constitution has been approved. *Please Note: This WILL take some time during the fall annual renewal process - your patience is appreciated.

Organization E-mail Address:
Meeting Day, Time, & Location:

Tuesdays at 5:00 PM in Davies Center