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Police Public Forum on Unmanned Aerial Systems

Thursday, Apr 27, 2 pm
WSU CUB Butch's Den

The Pullman Police Department is seeking public input on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS; Drones) policy development. Already utilized by the military for many years, UAS are more cost effective, safer, and in many ways, more versatile than manned aircraft. A number of law enforcement agencies in Washington State have already launched UAS programs.

The Police Department intends to use UAS for search & rescue, traffic coordination (such as post-game traffic for WSU home football...

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Marcus Blaisdell commented on the event Robotics Club Meeting

Robotics Club Meeting

Thursday, Dec 3, 5:30 pm
Dana Hall 3, Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory

Meetings normally starts with club updates and then will proceed to team meetings with the different projects. Additionally, tutorials will be offered when they are available.

Note: Meetings will not be held on holidays (e.g. Thanksgiving break)

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Comments ยท

Jesus A Policarpo

When is the next meeting? I am interested in joining this club

Cameron Retzlaff

me to !!

Marcus Blaisdell

Our general club meetings are Thursdays at 5:30PM in Dana 3. The project teams meet at their own times outside our general meetings, the current schedule is: BB8: Mondays, 5:30PM; Prosthetic Hand: Tuesdays, 5:00PM, Multi-rotor Drone: Fridays, 5:30PM, Mars Rover: Sundays, 12PM, Battlebots: Sundays, 3PM.

2nd Robotics Night

Thursday, Apr 30, 5:30 pm
Intelligent Robot Learning Lab (Dana Hall 3)

This is the club's last meeting of the semester. It is also a social night for its members to learn what the current status of all the projects. We will also be doing some fun activities.

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Robotics Club Meeting / GitHub Tutorial

Thursday, Sep 25, 5:30 pm
Dana Hall 3, Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory


Announcements T-shirt Github Tutorial (a joint effort between Robotics Club and Robosub Club of the Palouse) Team Meeting
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Robotics Club Meeting

Sep 11 - Sep 12
Dana Hall 3, Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory

Agenda: - Quick Announcements + T-shirt + Other Administrative - Tutorial on Introduction to Micro-controllers + Basic programming of Arduino-based chipKit + Quick overview on github (more on a later tutorial) Important Reminder: - For the tutorial, please bring your laptop. - Please install MPIDE which will be used as the environment to program the chipKit from (Highly suggested that you install the program before...

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First Club Meeting for Fall 2014

Thursday, Sep 4, 5:30 pm
Dana Hall 3, Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory
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Robotics Club joins All Campus Picnic

The Robotics Club joined the All Campus Picnic during the Washington State University's Week of Welcome. The club took the opportunity to promote and recruit incoming freshmen and transfer students to join the club. The event was a great success as we were able to reach out not just to students, but as well as to university staff, parents, and kids. Also, we were able to network outside the university with an invitation to demo for the cub scouts and a class in a...


Robotics Club Meeting

Thursday, May 1, 5:30 pm
Dana Hall 3

The Robotics @ WSU Club meets every Thursday, 5:30pm at Dana Hall 3. We follow two meeting formats which alternates every week.

One format of our meeting is a tutorial on subjects related to Robotics (e.g. computer vision, electronics, 3d printing, microprocessor, sensors, etc.)

Another format of our meeting is the project night. This night, the different teams can work on their projects. For members with no groups, they can also work on brainstorming on what projects...

This event does not require an RSVP.

Website Development and Tutorial for the Robotics Club Website

Sunday, Mar 9, 2 pm
Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory, Dana Hall 3
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Robotics Club Meeting

Thursday, Mar 13, 5:30 pm
Dana Hall 3

Subgroups will work on their projects and new members will have the option to join one of the subgroups, propose a new project or do some of the club tutorials.

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