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Hello and welcome to the official portal

for the Eau Claire Dodgeball Club

The goal of our club is to promote dodgeball at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. We take pride in the fact that we are open to anyone and have no membership fees. There is no commitment, only a diverse group of people getting together each week to play dodgeball.

Our events consist mostly of pick-up style games that occur on a weekly basis. Each semester we hold a few tournaments, which are either free or have a low-cost with all proceeds going to charity. The basic core belief of Eau Claire Dodgeball is that it's a game, and while no game should be taken too seriously, dodgeball should probably be taken even less seriously. When it stops being fun, the reason for grown men and women to throw balls at each other ceases to be.

If you are interested in joining us for a fun way to meet new people please check out our upcoming events. Otherwise you may contact any of our officers to gain more information. We hope to see you at our next event!

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Want to make new friends? Relieve stress? Vent Anger? Get Exercise? Get more involved on campus? Join a sport? Try something new? ... Then come to Eau Claire Dodgeball! Free club sport open for all athletic abilities, male and female. No minimum attendance requirements and always open to new members throughout the year. Come check it out!

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President Name:

*MUST be a currently enrolled UWEC student.
*Please include first and last name.

Ryley Fischer

President E-mail address:

*MUST be a currently enrolled UWEC student.

Co-President Name (if there is one)

Lucas Scholz

Co-President E-mail address:
Treasurer/Financial Contact Name

*Must be different contact than all other contacts or advisor.
*Must be a currently enrolled UWEC student.
*Please include first and last name.

Ryan Meyer

Treasurer/Financial Contact E-mail address:

*Must be a currently enrolled UWEC student.

Additional Member Name #1

*Must be a different contact than all other contacts or advisor.
*Please include first and last name.

Quinn Kinser

Additional Member E-mail #1:
Primary Adviser Name:

*Must be a CURRENT UWEC Faculty/Staff member.
*Please include first and last name.

Banaszak, Ryan

Primary Adviser E-mail address:

*Please use UWEC e-mail address only

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Organization E-mail Address:
Meeting Day, Time, & Location:

Sundays and Wednesdays 8-10p.m. in the lower McPhee Gyms.