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Arc - UNSW Student Life

Arc is your student organisation. We are obsessed with making UNSW student life an the time of your life. Being at uni is about so much more than dozing off in the classroom – it’s your time to shine! No matter how much time you have up your sleeve, Arc has something incredible for you. 

Arc Board

Arc is a not-for-profit company steered by a Board of majority student directors and student chairperson. These individuals are elected by students to represent their interests and drive the activities of Arc to be student-focused and student-friendly. Get in touch with the Board if you have ideas, or better yet, put yourself in the running when elections roll around in Semester 1. 

Events & Parties

The home of student life is back and it's in Roundhouse form! After 18 months of renovations, the epicentre of fun at uni is back in your hands. There's plenty of excuses to celebrate – Start of Session, Toga, Beerfest just to name a few. Or just hit the beergarden for some chill vibes, live music and good mates. Follow Roundhouse on Facebook for the latest scoop. 

Stay in the loop with all the latest, greatest and what's on of UNSW with Blitz. It's your guide to UNSW's best memes, happenings and events. 

Clubs & Societies

Your time to have plenty of fun with one of our 300+ Arc Clubs & Societies! Cheer Society competes internationally; the Debating Society meets weekly, and the Music Society always has something to sing about. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fresh faced first year or returning for your ninth year of med – all the societies are keen to meet and greet. The best way to get involved and find the club for you is to check out the list here. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, start up your own. It’s easy!


You like to move-it, move-it? We like to move-it, move-it! Arc Sport is the home sports clubs from boxing to netball and everything in between. There's Festival of Sport funsies and Nationals glory to chase. Social Sports and Dance Classes are cheap and always fun for everyone. 

It doesn’t matter whether you don the yellow’n’black boldly or dust off your runners, we promise working up a sweat has never been better or this much fun. You’ve got to be in it to win it so run, jump, skip, dive, pogo to Arc Sport for deets, and follow them on Facebook for regular updates. 

Volunteering Opportunities

Need a few more skills on your resume? Wanna find friends who are keen to make a difference? Then check out one of our 30+ volunteering programs.  

The Volunteer Army is always on the lookout for bubbly students who can lend a hand, an hour or a talent to worthy causes. Or look out for opportunities to join issue specific volunteer programs like the Wellness Warriors doing pop-ups for student wellbeing or contribute to reconciliation by joining Walama Muru. You’ll be surrounded by others with a strong social, environmental or humanitarian conscience all keen to make the change at UNSW that they want to see in the world.


Arc wants you to be the best you can be. We offer a premium suite of opportunities for you to develop skills that are hard to acquire in a classroom. Check out our Leadership and Innovation hubs for information on ways you can expand your entrepreneurial spirit. Keep an eye out for jobs & internships too - we hire over 100 students every year so you can get paid in a job that fits around your timetable! 

Education is about so much more than napping in your textbook, so let us hold your hand while you get introduced to a new skillset. Keep track of upcoming courses and workshops through our website and Facebook, and get ready to hone like a boss! 

Student Councils

The Student Representative Council (SRC) and Postgraduate Council (PCG) are the super troopers of advocacy. They provide the ever-important voice when it comes to key decisions that impact the kids of UNSW. Got a passion for politics? Join one of the Councils and you'll do things like consult the student body, draft policy and oversee its implementation. 

The SRC maintains all the student collectives – EducationEnvironmentEthno-CulturalIndigenousInternationalQueerStudents with DisabilitiesWelfareWomen’s – who are there to ensure the inclusion of all UNSW’s diverse population. These collectives cater to the specific needs of kids on campus with special events and safes spaces. Whether you're planning a peaceful protest or looking to connect with like-minded students about issues that mean a lot to you, all are welcome.

You might also have a connection to the Art & Design Student Council for students studying at Paddington Campus or the Inter-Residence Council supporting all college kids and more!


Being a university student isn't always easy. We want you to put your health and happiness first, that's why Arc Wellness has heaps of resources and tips for keeping your mental health in tip-top shape. You can also get heaps of information about the serious stuff in life - the law, employment, renting, taxes and academic issues with Arc Legal & Advocacy. You can send them an email or book an appointment via Arc Reception.

UNSW Art & Design

Jump on the Paddington wagon and check out the benefits that Arc members can get at Art & Design. There are heaps of grants and opportunities to exhibit your work with Kudos Gallery and AD Space. There are heaps of awesome ways you can gain experience and meet people through volunteering and you can use our resources to get your artworks moving and grooving!  

Freebies & Discounts

Arc Members are the VIPs of UNSW. You can get heavily discounted trips around Sydney with Arc Goes To...; or get your bike repaired for free with Bike-ology. Never pay for stationery again with Stationery Reuse Centre and get the max out of your tax with Tax Help. You can book our music rooms and dance rooms, as well as spaces in Roundhouse for free and borrow resources like BBQs and speakers for your Club whenever you need them! 

To top it all off, Arc members have access to exclusive discounts on and off campus! That little sticker on your student card is a gateway to cheaper coffee, free upsizes, monthly specials, and sweet deals – you just have to look. Check here for the full brimming with bargains list! 

Stay in the loop with any and all of the following:
Snapchat: ArcUNSW
9385 7700

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2018 is when you get uni your way. Join your student organisation – Arc @ UNSW – to let the great times start rolling. Arc is your gateway to awesome Clubs & Societies, sweet events & parties, incredible volunteering opportunities, a wide world of sport, and helping hand if things get tough. We’re by your side and we’ve got your back. Make your student the best student experience by heading online and joining Arc now!


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