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Hello we are KoDE! We focus on the dance aspect of K-Pop! You can learn and see more in our description as well as on our Facebook and Youtube pages. Don't forget to show your support and like our page and subscribe to our channel!

Official Facebook Fan Page
Official YouTube Channel

Prospective Members

Here are the basics about KoDE and what commitments we ask for:
KoDE Information Presentation

If you would like additional info or want information to try a practice out before joining, please email:
Message us on our Facebook page

Joining/New Members:

If you're sure you want to join and have the time to commit, you must fill out the Registration Form. Practice is held on Fridays, from 5:30 - 7:30 PM in the SDFC at Small Gym B. Please be on time!

Performance Requests/Business Inquiries

If you would like KoDE to perform at your event, please find out the following information:

   Name, Date, and Time of Event:
   Stage Size [if applicable]:
   Organization Name:
   Contact Person Name:
   Contact Person Phone:
   Contact Person Email:

Please email the above information to:

Portal Information


The first official K-Pop Dance Club at Arizona State University! Our goal is to appreciate and express K-Pop's globalization through dance and performance. As a group, we learn various K-Pop choreography and perform at ASU events. Anyone from any dance background (no experience to Kai from EXO) are welcome to join! See 'Welcome' for contact information.



Please indicate the PRIMARY LOCATION that your student organization plans to be an active participate on for the 2016-17 academic year.


Primary population(s) served:
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
1st OFFICER - Full Name

Noel Phuong

1st OFFICER - Title

Usually President, sometimes Director/Chair, etc.


1st OFFICER Email
2nd OFFICER - Full Name

Emil Benov

2nd OFFICER - Title

Usually Vice President, sometimes Secretary/Treasurer, etc.

Vice President

2nd OFFICER Email
3rd OFFICER - Full Name

Xina Tang

3rd OFFICER - Title

Usually Secretary, sometimes Recruitment chair, etc.


3rd OFFICER Email

Jiwon Shin


Please use official "job title" with university

Assistant Professor




All ASU registered student organization must have a faculty or staff member serving as an advisor. By entering your advisor's email, they will automatically be sent an Advisor Commitment Form which they must complete for your registration.

This person MUST be a full- or part-time benefits-eligible faculty or staff member at ASU (the additional advisor may be a community member).

An Advisor Commitment Letter signed by the Advisor is a required part of finalizing the registration of your student organization. By entering their email, the Advisor Commitment Letter will be automatically sent to your advisor. Make sure to follow up with them to complete.