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Membership Application

Interested in joining UAO?  Before starting this application please visit to learn more about the organization, as it will be vital in your filling out of the application.

In order to be a member of UAO, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for the previous semester, not cumulative.

Interviews will be conducted in September 2014.

Below are the seven Programming Team Mission Statements to give you more of an idea of what each group is about.


Fine Arts: The Fine Arts Programming Team provides an experience for students to engage in various forms of artistic expression and cultural programs. The Fine Arts Programming Team includes but is not limited to events that involve paint, dance, music, poetry and performance.

Past events: Digital Graffiti Wall, Svet: the Hip-Hop Violinist, and collaboration with the Gospel Choir for Gospel Fest.

Late Night: The Late Night Programming Team provides innovative and entertaining alternative programs focused after midnight, Thursday through Saturday.

Past Events: Country Night, Paint Shop, and the Hunger Games.

Marketing: A new Programming Team as of Spring 2013, involves a few students assisting the VP of Marketing in promoting events on campus and online through social media, flyers, and UAO accessories and apparel.

Series: The Series Programming Team is passionate about creating three consecutive events that revolve around one innovative theme. These inspiring events cater to the BGSU community to promote involvement while providing an enjoyable and exciting experience. We are confident that this structure will keep students always looking forward to the next event and coming back for more!

Past Events: The Movie Series, the Bus Series to places like Cedar Point and Chicago, and Falcon-Summer Palooza.

Social Outreach: The Social Outreach Programming Team shall provide educational and informative programming that inspires awareness on social issues with a goal of encouraging active and engaged citizens within the Bowling Green and BGSU community.

Past Events: Elizabeth Smart, TOM Shoes Sale, and collaborating with The Student Wellness Network for J-Spot: A Sex-Educator Tells It All.

Special Events: The Special Events Programming Team strives to create unique events for special occasions. These creative events leave lasting memories that connect students to the BGSU community. This programming team has created campus events such as UAO Falcon Fest for Family Weekend, Amazing Race BGSU Edition for Welcome week, Pumpkin Patch for Halloween and much more!

Past Events: BG Ink, Mad River Mountain, and Falcon Newlyweds.

Traditions: We, the members of the Traditions Programming Team, strive to enhance the BGSU students' experience with mind-blowing extravaganzas of ultimate proportions. Annually, we provide large-scale legendary events such as the Homecoming Concert and LOL with UAO. Traditions will provide memories that will last forever. Your tradition is our success!

Past Events: Hats Off!, Fall/Homecoming Concert, and LOL with UAO

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