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Anthropology Tour in Peoples and Cultures Museum

Friday, Mar 15, 10 am
2201 N. Canyon Road Provo, UT 84602

This is a personalized tour for the Anthropology Club at SLCC of the Peoples and Cultures Museum at Brigham Young University, (BYU). We will be granted access to behind the scenes anthropology lab collections and artifacts. (We hear they have mummies.) 

Must RSVP and will have forms to fill out as we will travel as a group. 

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Limited spaces available

Ariik Nyok, a Lost Boy from South Sudan

Wednesday, Apr 3, 1 pm
TB building Room 104 Taylorsville Redwood Campus

"Ariik Thon Nyok's life began in the small village of Pageleng in South Sudan, where he expected to grow up to be a cattle herder like his ancestors. His peaceful existence was shattered by the civil conflict that tore his country and family apart and set him on an odyssey that would culminate in his coming to America, becoming a citizen, and successfully pursuing a Master's degree. Ariik tells a touching tale of his adventures as he and other lost boys and girls trekked across Sudan,...

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Megan Garcia commented on the event Naloxone Training

Naloxone Training

Friday, Nov 30, 10 am
2-044 South City SLCC campus

We are joining with the Social Work Association and Student Health Advisory clubs and hosting rescue training for opioid overdose by Odessey House and Utah Naloxone. Utah is a leading state in overdose deaths in the Opioid Epidemic. Social Work Association has spearheaded this event to address this Utah crisis by way of education, training, and supplies of Naloxone, the rescue medicine. Come be a part of this event and take action against avoidable deaths in our families and...

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Megan Garcia

Unfortunately I am in southern Utah the rest of the week.

Leadership meeting

Tuesday, Jun 25, 3 pm

Club leadership planning meetings are held every 4th Tuesday at a TBA location. 

This event does not require an RSVP.

Club Meetings

Wednesday, May 22, 2 pm
Taylorsville Campus, Cultural Center room 236A in the Student building

Club monthly meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of every month. We meet in the student cultural center, the student center building, room 236A, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.   

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(Event Full, RSVP Closed) Danger and Jukebox Caves

Saturday, Oct 13, 10 am
Danger Cave, Wendover, Utah

From Utah History To Go:

"Some 11,000 years ago members of the Great Basin Desert Culture left behind fascinating evidence of their existence at a site known as Danger Cave, less than two miles east of Wendover, Utah. Renowned University of Utah archaeologist Jesse D. Jennings first explored the cave in 1949 and over the next several years directed extensive excavations there. He published his findings in 1957 in Memoirs of the Society for American Archaeology, No. 14, and...

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Limited spaces available

Club Rush

Sep 11 - Sep 13
Jordan, South City, & Taylorsville SLCC campus

Join the Anthropology Club table during SLCC club rush events. We will recruit new members at the following campuses and times. 

Tuesday, Sept. 11 Jordan Campus 11 am to 1 pm

Wednesday, Sept. 12 South City Campus 11 am to 1 pm

Thursday, Sept. 13 Taylorsville Campus 10 am to 1 pm 

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Nine Mile Canyon Project, Archaeology Volunteering Opportunity

Sep 1 - Sep 2
Nine Mile Canyon

The BLM and ASU have asked our club for 6 volunteers to help set up the Nine Mile Canyon archaeology excavation site for their community engagement season geared for High School students. We have 4 spaces available after club leadership.  This would entail our club would ready the archaeology site for the start of the program by removing dirt from half the site from last year's dig and establish a grid in preparation for excavation.  Volunteers are asked they bring their own supplies for...

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Limited spaces available

Holly S Hoopes commented on the event Exclusive Look: Natural History Museum of Utah

Call for Club Leaders

The Anthropology Club is looking for new leaders to join the ranks. We currently have a need for an individual to fill secretary responsibilities.

Upcoming fall of 2018 positions for vice-president and treasurer will be available. All who are interested should contact the club leadership by email.


Exclusive Look: Natural History Museum of Utah

Thursday, Feb 1, All Day
Natural History Museum of Utah

Professor Deborah Graham has organized with the Natural History Museum of Utah's anthropology curators for an exclusive visit to their anthropology lab of artifacts. Come meet some of Utah's professionals in the field of anthropology and see artifacts pulled from storage. Limited spaces. Date and time to be announced. Anticipated to be near the end of Feb. 

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Limited spaces available


Jennifer L Jackson

I am confused, was this held Feb. 1st, or will it be held near the end of February. Would love to come if it hasn't already occurred!

Holly S Hoopes

My apologies. We are still waiting for a set date from the museum on this event. We are hopeful to have it finalized this week.

Anthropology Club Social

Wednesday, Mar 28, 6 pm
Taylorsville Campus, Building STC, Room STC, Student Event Center

Come learn more about your professors and hear about the CRM program. This semester's social will highlight four SLCC anthropology professors, Dr. Griffiths, Dr. Crockett, Dr. Merritt, and Professor Collins. They will share their archaeological work with us over dinner. This event is open to all students and Anthropology Department employees.  

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Coffee Social

Monday, Oct 16, 11 am
Taylorsville SLCC STC building Room 221

We are hosting a coffee social for students to interact with the anthropology staff and other students in the field. We will also have information on our future events and other info on opportunities for anthropology students. This event will loosely be setup like an open house so if you can only drop-in that is acceptable as well as staying to socialize for the entire event. 

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World Lemur Festival

Thursday, Oct 26, 10 am
Taylorsville SLCC AAB building

This is our club service event. We are volunteering to help SLCC Anthropology professor Melissa Schaefer with her fund raising event. All proceeds goes to Lemur conservation. The festival will be held in the AAB building and club members are needed to oversee popcorn, silent auction, Lemur jump, and other activities she will have. This event is aimed for students to bring their children and this year is being advertised by the Hogal Zoo. Let's show support to our Lemur cousin and to our...

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Movie Meet-ups

Tuesday, Dec 5, 5 pm
Redwood SLCC campus, STC building, room 225

Come join us for movie meet-up night. Relax and meet other anthropology enthusiasts with a movie and discussion. This is a monthly event, held on the first Tuesday of each month in the STC 225 press room at 5pm.

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Delecty A. Prosence commented on the event Night at The Museum

Night at The Museum

Wednesday, Feb 18, 6 pm
Utah Museum of Natural History

We will be meeting at the Natural History Museum to get a tour from our very own Jennifer Campbell!  Please text Tally @ 801-815-9846 if you'd like to come and meet at the Lobby by 6:00.  If you are running late, please text Tally to let her know. 

301 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108


Will you be attending?


Delecty A. Prosence

All: We will be meeting at 6:30 instead of 6. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions: 801-815-9846

Delecty A. Prosence commented on the event Anthropology Info Night

Anthropology Info Night

Tuesday, Feb 3, 6 pm
South City Campus (Room TBD)

Come have some light snacks and beverages at the South City Campus on Feb. 3rd from 6-8 and learn more about the Anthropology Club.  We'll be discussing upcoming events and how you can get more involved!

Please feel free to give me a call at 801-815-9846 if you have any questions. 



Will you be attending?


Delecty A. Prosence

The room we will be located in will be: 1-061H-A at South City Campus! Hope to see you all there!

Club Meeting

Wednesday, Jan 21, 6 pm
Coffee Connection at 1588 S State St Salt Lake City, UT 84115

We will have a club meeting at Coffee Connection, located at 1588 S. State Street in Salt Lake City.  Coffee Connection is located right across from the South City Campus on State Street.  Come join us to discovery more about the club and what's happening and enjoy a beverage or snack if you'd like!

If you get lost or need directions, please feel free to call Tally at: 801-815-9846.  

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Justin R Briggs updated the event Chocolate Blast with Glenna Nielsen - Grimm

Chocolate: The Exhibition

Saturday, Feb 15, 10 am
301 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

From the tropical rainforest of ancient Maya, 16th century Europe, the Industrial Revolution, to the present day - the world has had a long love affair with chocolate. Throughout history, chocolate has been used in royal and religious ceremonies, as currency, a drink for the wealthy, a sweet treat for the masses, and a global commodity.

Chocolate: The Exhibition is an eye opening and mouth watering experience that will be sure to engage the senses and reveal aspects of this...

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Justin R Briggs updated the event CLUB MEETING TIMES

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