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Organization Overview

iPromise is a self-improving organization for young women that offer the opportunity to have a positive relationship with a group of educated women who share a variety of similarities. iPromise aims not only to mentor, but to give back. Our goal is growth and self-improvement. We hope to volunteer regularly within Grand Rapids at different institutions, such as domestic violence shelters, soup kitchens, disability camps or homes and much more. We as an organization would like to help our members grow professionally and individually. We work on self-esteem, insecurities, self-confidence, leadership skills, empowering one another and others around us.

Category Service & Advocacy
Keywords influencing, motivating, advice, guidance

Service & Advocacy


Destine Hatcher

President's Email Address

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Financial Officer

Taylor Adams

Risk Management Officer

Amina Mamaty

General Officer

Ki'Jia Bozeman


Jacqueline Adams


Mission: To inspire young adults to be all they can be with the assistance of a ambitious role model.

Purpose: To provide guidance, advice, to promote a sisterhood, boost morality and encourage maturity.

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15.00 per semester

Meeting Day
  • Thursday

9:00 PM



Meeting Room

1104 Kirkhof

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