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BRCAn't Stop Me is an organization that focuses on early detection and prevention of BRCA related cancers. Genetic counselors suggest that a woman who is BRCA positive has a risk of developing breast cancer by 60% to 87%. The average woman without a positive BRCA gene has a 13% risk of developing breast cancer. BRCA positive women also have a 20-54% increased risk for developing Ovarian Cancer while the average population’s risk is 1.5%. This organization focuses on early detection, prevention of BRCA related cancers, and support for young women who face this increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Our main focus is to provide support for young women and men on campus who do carry this mutated gene and inherited risk of cancer. Knowledge is power, and together we can save lives!

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Service & Advocacy


Mollie Smith

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Malayna Hasmanis

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Jackie Smith

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Christine Wolyniac


Claudia Leiras-Laubach


Early Detection and Prevention of BRCA related cancer.

Support system for young women and men who face this inherited risk of cancer.

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Lake Superior Hall Room 225

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