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Terps for Change Coordinator Application: Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Terps for Change Coordinator Application

To apply to be a Terps for Change Coordinator, please review these roles and responsibilities for each coordinator position carefully and fill out the entire form. Be sure to press "Submit" at the end of the form.  Applications are currently being reviewed on a rolling basis.

2019-2020 Terps for Change Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities

Terps for Change Coordinators act as liaisons between volunteers, our Community Partners, and Terps for Change Interns. You can read about the Terps for Change program on our website

If you have further questions please contact Terps for Change at


  1. Gaining knowledge pertaining to professional development, social issues, and social identities through weekly training.
  2. Practice thinking critically and proactive leadership to solve both anticipated and unanticipated problems.
  3. Development of effective communication skills between multiple constituencies including staff, fellow coordinators, participants, and community partners.
  4. Professional experience as well as a resume workshop and a potential letter of recommendation.


  1. Willing to learn and grow: particularly regarding skill building, program management, and social justice issues.
  2. Having a can-do attitude.
  3. Possessing time management and organizational skills.
  4. Exhibiting strong written and oral communication skills.
  5. Having the ability to think creatively and work in a team setting.
  6. Demonstrating reliability to follow through on commitments and expectations.

All Coordinator Responsibilities:

Time Commitment: 6 - 8 hours/week

  1. Make a commitment to be a coordinator throughout the rest of the academic year (2019-2020).
  2. Attend weekly (Mondays 4-5:30 pm) meetings with Terps for Change Interns and other coordinators as well as attend a Fall Leadership Retreat.
  3. Assist Terps for Change Interns with marketing and recruitment of all Terps for Change Programs and Terps for Change Interviews.
  4. Meet weekly with Terps for Change staff, to be scheduled.
  5. Complete the responsibilities of the “Terps for Change Coordinators” depending on individual placements.
  6. Meet weekly and maintain regular communication with your co-coordinator (every site will have both a “Participant Lead” and a “Community Partner Lead”).
  7. Volunteer at your Terps for Change site weekly.
  8. Schedule, create and implement interactive and informative activity plans for 8 weekly one-hour community dialogues. These dialogues will typically run from Week 3 of classes until Week 11 of classes, except for major breaks (Thanksgiving/Spring Break). 
  9. Conduct site visits during the first week of class.
  10. Build community and enhance participation among the T4C volunteers attending your site.
  11. Complete the responsibilities of either the “Participant Lead” or “Community Partner Lead.”

Terps for Change - Participant Lead Responsibilities

  1. Call volunteers on the non-dialogue weeks to check in on how volunteering is going
  2. Call volunteers who miss dialogue to check in with them.
  3. Track dialogue and site attendance.

Terps for Change - Community Partner Lead Responsibilities

  1. Be the liaison between a specific site and Terps for Change; coordinating orientation, waivers, background checks, and informing volunteers of site cancellations with the Participant Lead.
  2. Contact the community partner each week to assess how volunteering is going, what volunteers will be doing in the coming week, and working to develop community partner relationships.
  3. Each semester, update site description and work closely with Terps for Change staff to ensure that coordinator and intern manuals are kept up to date.

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