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Welcome prospective, current, and former participants of the Grinnell-In-London Program!

This site will have all of the updated information regarding GIL but will also serve as a platform for prospective students to ask any questions they'd like to alumni of the program and current students! 


Please visit the Grinnell-In-London website for more information! 

Also feel encouraged to contact: Program Director, Jonathan Larson2014 GIL Professor Tim Dobe2014 GIL Professor Monty Roper, or GIL Marketing Intern/Former GIL student, Lorraine Blatt '14

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The Grinnell-in-London program ("GIL") takes place every fall semester in the Bloomsbury neighborhood of London's West End. It lies just down the street from the British Museum. Bloomsbury is also a central location for several University of London campuses, and so the neighborhood is full of students. We share our facility with several other U.S. colleges and universities.

Our Resident Director, Dr. Donna Vinter, manages our London campus and has taught in the program for three decades. Each year she is joined by two Grinnell faculty who offer courses tailored to take advantage of London, Britain, and Europe. British professors teach courses in theatre, English, history, politics, and art that complement the featured courses offered by the Grinnell faculty.

Here are the courses for 2014:

-HIST 231: History of London: The Making of Modern London
-POL 295: Governing Britain and its Regions: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
-THE 275: The London Stage
-GDS 295 Maintaining the Empire: Foreign Aid or Imperialism?
-HUM 295 British Identity and Religious Diversity
-REL 295 Living Indian Religions in London

Program tracks (all students choose only one):

-Internship (limited to 15 students, 3 of which are Parliamentary interns)

-Additional courses at Queen Mary University of London

Students return from GIL with a semester's worth of academic experience that not only integrates well into their overall Grinnell education, but informs their overall experience as a resident in one of the world's most dynamic and interesting cities.

Transportation, accommodation, and admissions costs are covered by the program for field trip participants. In addition, all students on the program receive tickets to West End theatre productions. Grinnell's Office of Financial Aid is committed to meeting student financial need related to the various costs of studying in London.



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Inform students about the possibility of studying in London through the Grinnell-in-London program!