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Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer (and Gender Intersections) LGBTQ COSI Application Fall 2014

The MICA Community Organizing Student Intern (COSI) will provide support to various staff members that will assist in the development of educational, programmatic and research initiatives to support the office’s mission and goals under the supervision of the full-time Program Management Specialist.

COSI's are paid an hourly wage starting at $8.25/hour with tenure and performance-based increase eligibility upon completion of the fall and spring semesters.  Work schedules will include a maximum of 8 hours each week.   

Basic Qualifications

  • Has proven customer service and leadership experiences.
  • Possesses good verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Is detail oriented, organized and dependable.
  • Is mature, outgoing and able to consistently exhibit a pleasant, positive, welcoming demeanor in the office.
  • Must be flexible, adaptable and willing to work in a team environment.
  • Have interest in multicultural/diversity matters, social justice issues and other concerns.
  • Possess the ability to positively interact with students, faculty/staff and visitors from diverse backgrounds.


General COSI Duties:

  • Administrative Functions:  

         Serve as second to the full-time Program Management Specialist to ensure adequate desk & office coverage,            scheduling, delegation and organization of daily/weekly tasks to accomplish, track status of project/task                  completion, communicate new information to staff & team member and other duties as assigned.

  • Front Desk Coverage & Customer Service:  

             1.  Provide front desk coverage by greeting guests, answering phones, fielding questions, relaying                                 messages and other day-to-day administrative functions.

              2. Open/close the office when needed.

              3.  Supervise the space for student group reservations outside of normal office hours.
              4.  Retrieve mail and Diamondback (read Diamondback and clip articles).
              5.  Beverage-Refreshment set-up at beginning of shift and clean-up at end of shift.          
              6.  Keep overall office areas (desk, mailbox, work table) tidy & refill brochures as needed.
              7.  Update webpages, social media sites -Facebook, Twitter, etc.- with upcoming events and up-to-date                          information as requested by staff 

  • Marketing:

           Serve as lead on general needs of the MICA office in the area of marketing, including but not limited to                      updating social media, updating the MICA website, submitting large marketing projects to The Stamp                        marketing, coordinating and collaborating with other COSIs on marketing needs for the general office and                  specific Focus Areas.

  • Public Relations:

         1.  Assist with promoting and staffing of MICA events throughout the year, including but not limited to                             representing MICA at general informational presentations, table displays, distributing brochures and                         generally providing information about the office and its programs.

         2. Assist with outreaching to students, student organizations, faculty/staff and community members.
         3. Assist with specialized projects such as certificate preparation for awards recognitions

         4. Help with set up and groundwork needed for events such as hanging decorations, cutting handbills, folding                programs, etc.
         5. Represent MICA at specialized events such as First-Look Fair, Open Houses, Homecoming, The All-                        Nighter, StampFest, etc., with duties such as tabling, greeting, serving as set-up or take-down crew and the              like.

Other Duties:

        1. Attend regularly scheduled Peer Educator Sessions and meetings with other COSI’s, the full-time Program               Management Specialist and Coordinators for personal and professional development as well as to discuss                 shift scheduling, new information, and upcoming events.
        2. Assist with recording results of evaluations following events.
        3. Attend suggested campus multicultural trainings when possible.
        4. Plan and execute events, programs, workshops, etc.
        5. Other duties as assigned

The LGBTQ (& Gender Intersections) Community Organizing Student Intern will work closely with the LGBTQ Student Involvement Graduate Coordinator on special projects as assigned, including but not limited to:

  • collaborating with other LGBTQ offices on campus
  • collaborating with LGBTQ alumni
  • collecting survey data
  • collaborate with other MICA staff to infuse gender issues into programs whenever possible
  • assist with logistics of Queer Monologues
  • data entry; marketing; programming
  • creating a database of queer alumni
  • other duties as assigned  


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