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Lena Njoku
May 23, 2017

These CSULB Alumni are now all Medical Doctors!!

May 23, 2017 by Lena Njoku

My group of friends and I were very involved with HPAO and the SAS Center around 2007-2011. In light of graduation season, I'd like to share this piece of memory and inspiration to CSULB students wanting to pursue health professions. We were all former SAS Center Peer Mentors and tutors and we also started CSULB MAPS (Minority-focused Alliance of Pre-Health Students). Everyone graduated in 2011.

Standing L-R​

Duc Le, MD


Creighton Univ. School of Medicine 2017

Anesthesiology, UC Davis Medical Center


Danielle Flores, MD


Creighton Univ. School of Medicine 2016

Anesthesiology, UC Davis Medical Center


Reinier Narvaez, MD


UCSF School of Medicine 2015

General Surgery, University at Buffalo 


Eli Navarrete, DC


Southern CA Univ. of Health Sciences 2016

Chiropractic Practice, OC


Shrey Kanjiya, MD


Univ. of Vermont School of Medicine 2015

Orthopaedic Surgery, SUNY Stony Brook 



Gerardo Hernandez, MD


UC Davis School of Medicine 2016

Family Medicine, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

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