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Project Lead 2016 - Sponsorship Form

We would love for your department to sponsor students for PROJECT LEAD.  Please follow these steps in doing so:


  1. Please fill out the accompanying Student Information Form with the name of each student, his/her phone number, and the committed $20.00 amount.
  1. For the Department Information Page, you will be required to provide department name, cost code, authorizing sponsor, department contact, phone number, and mail code.

  2. Students must individually register and enter the sponsorship code from your department in order to be completely registered. This means that we need cost codes from you before the students can formally register. Registration may be found at:

  3. Students who claim to be sponsored, but are not found on the list, will not be allowed to register. They will be sent back to the department in question until the paperwork is completed. As students continue to register, you may submit more than one sponsorship form, but there is room for 12 students on each form. 


Registration is open through October 19th. To expedite funds transferring, we need this filled out as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership at extension 6349.


Thank you for your support of this activity.  We are excited to see your department represented at PROJECT LEAD!

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