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Organization Overview

The women's club soccer team is currently in it's fourth year. Each year we roster 18 players for games and encourage all others who have interest in soccer to attend practices and workouts. In 2013 we are playing in the CCL League, and will be competing against Saginaw, Washtenaw, and Wayne.

Category Club Sports
Keywords soccer, club soccer, women's club soccer
President's Name

Maggie Britton

President's Email

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Vice President's Name

Breanna Stiefel

Vice President's Email

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Treasurer's Name

Kelli Schreefel

Treasurer's Email

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Secretary's Name

Gabby Sulich

Secretary's Email

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Advisor's Name

Sarah DiStefano

Advisors Title

Temporary Advisor

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Meeting Time

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12:00 AM

Selection Process

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Tryouts are done at the end of summer / beginning of fall term to determine the 18 players that will serve as active roster players. The rest of players attending tryouts are welcomed to a practice squad to serve as fill-in's when active members cannot attend a game.