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Welcome to the Eta Mu Chapter of Kappa Delta at GCSU.  

Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our sisterhood at

If you have any questions please contact:

Kappa Delta Council

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The ladies of Kappa Delta- Eta Mu are very honored to wear our letters around Milledgeville, Georgia and on the campus of Georgia College. Our chapter was founded on November 15, 2008. In just a few short years, our chapter has grown to include over 200 members with who are confident and loving women. Kappa Delta sisters pride themselves on excellence in academics, leadership community service, and social activities. Most importantly, we are each other's loudest cheerleaders and most compassionate confidantes. It is not four years with Kappa Delta, but for life.



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441 West Montgomery Street



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President's Name

This person is the leader of your organization regardless of the title used. They are ultimately responsible for the organization. This person will become a member of the President's Circle and receive information for org Presidents.

Kristen Pack

President's Email

Must be a BOBCATS.GCSU.EDU email address.

Treasurer's Name

This is the person who will handle all financial related matters for the organizations. They will become a member of the Treasurer's Circle and receive information related to finances.

Kendal McDonald

Treasurer's Email

Must be a BOBCATS.GCSU.EDU email address.

Community Service Contact Person

Please provide a contact who will receive valuable information about community service / volunteerism information. This information will be shared with The GIVE Center. The GIVE Center works directly with student organizations on their service initiatives. Please make sure this person is interested in service. They will become a member of the Service Circle and receive information related to service opportunities.

Lindsey Thompson

Community Service Person's Email Address

Must be a BOBCATS.GCSU.EDU email address.

Name of OrgSync Portal Administrator

You must designate a contact person who will be managing your OrgSync portal. This person will become a member of the Admin's Circle and receive communications about trainings and requirements for student organizations related to OrgSync. This should be a student, not an organization advisor.

Kristen Pack

OrgSync Portal Admin's Email

Must be an BOBCATS.GCSU.EDU email address.

On-Campus Advisor's Name

All orgs are required to have an on-campus advisor.

Jennifer Graham

On-Campus Advisor's Email

The person listed will receive an email to verify their acceptance of the advisor role. You MUST ensure that this email address is typed correctly or your renewal will be delayed. Must be a GCSU.EDU email address.

On-Campus Advisor's Title and Department

Women's Center Coordinator-Academic Affairs

Off-Campus Advisor's Name, If Applicable

Some organizations have off-campus advisors such as fraternities, sororities, and religious organizations. ALL ORGS MUST HAVE AN ON-CAMPUS ADVISOR, but may not have an off-campus advisor.

Courtney Manson

Off-Campus Advisor's Email