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WesAGE aims to facilitate fun and worthwhile relationships between Wesleyan students and the elderly members of the Middletown community, through a network of outreach programs. Members have the opportunity to engage in group social hours at One MacDonough Senior Center or individual visits with their own elderly companion.


Office of Community Service


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WesAGE provides the unique opportunity to leave the confines of the Wesleyan bubble and interact with the elderly members of the Middletown community. Often, these older residents of Middletown live alone in isolated communities and appreciate the chance to bond with lively Wesleyan students. Much of the time, their families are not in close proximity so we are able to step in and provide them with company on a weekly basis. Through these relationships, students have been able to benefit from exchanging stores and experiences from this widely overlooked population in the community.

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  • Friday
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WesAGE Coordinator

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Gabriella Castorena

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WesAGE Coordinator

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Lauren Connolly

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