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Our program has two parts. The first part is the pull-out groups, in which Wesleyan students work with two to three elementary school students outside the classroom on either math or reading. The second part is in-class tutoring, in which our tutors provide assistance and supervision in the classrooms.

Since the inception of WesReads/WesMath in 2007, Macdonough students’ standardized test scores have increased significantly, allowing more students to access higher level classes in middle school!

Time commitment: At least one hour per week, but you can sign up for as many time slots as you would like!

Work study: WesReads/WesMath is a Federal Work Study job. We also love volunteers!

Training/Orientation: At the beginning of each semester, there are information/training sessions to explain the program’s goals and the role of Wesleyan students, as well as prepare tutors for their individual programs.


Office of Community Service


In a short paragraph, please tell us what your group's mission is, what you plan to do, and how your group may be unique from other similar groups.

WesReads/WesMath is a Wesleyan tutoring program whose mission is to provide support for higher-level learners in the areas of reading and math at Macdonough Elementary School and Farm Hill Elementary School in Middletown, CT. Through focusing on higher-level learners, we are able to help students fine tune their reading and math skills and thus perform better on standardized testing, paving the road for them to have access to upper level classes in middle school. This is also gives teachers the opportunity to focus on the students who might be struggling with their reading or math skills, and who we might not be qualified to help.

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We tutor at Macdonough and Farm Hill elementary schools!

Officer #1 Position Title (Primary Contact)


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Matt Erodici

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Mahalia Binstock

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