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Alternative Spring Break Application 2019

 Alternative Break Basics

Florida Tech Alternative Break is a program of the Office of Civic Engagement.  Our focus is to facilitate service and education immersion experiences for students to serve with and educate in diverse communities, learn about social issues, and become lifelong active citizens.

Florida Tech Alternative Breaks strives to uphold the core philosophies of Break Away: including the Eight Components of a Quality Alternative Break.

Eight Components of a Quality Alternative Break

Strong Direct Service

Programs provide an opportunity for participants to engage in direct or "hands-on" service that addresses critical but unmet social needs.


Participants are oriented to the mission and objectives of both the break program and the host agency or organization with which they will be working.


Programs establish and achieve educational objectives to give participants a sense of context and understanding of both the region in which they will be working and of the problems they will be addressing during the break.


Participants are provided with adequate training in skills necessary to carry out tasks and projects during the trip. Ideally this training should take place prior to departure, although in some instances it may occur once participants have reached their site.


During the trip, participants reflect upon the experiences they are having. Applying classroom learning and integrating many academic disciplines should also occur. The site leaders should set aside time for reflection to take place, both individually and in a group setting.


Upon return to campus, there should be a re-orientation session for all participants where they can share their break experiences with one another and with the greater campus community and are actively encouraged to translate this experience into a life-long commitment to service.


Strong Alternative Break programs include participants representing the range of students present in the campus community. Coordinators should recruit, design, implement and evaluate their program with this end in mind.

Alcohol and Other Drug Free

Programs must be aware that issues of legality, liability, personal safety and group cohesion are of concern when alcohol and other drugs are consumed on an Alternative Break. Programs should provide education and training on alcohol and other drug related issues as well as develop a policy on how these issues will be dealt with on an Alternative Break.

What is the role of a participant?

Florida Tech Alternative Break offers students the opportunity to serve outside the Melbourne area while deeply exploring a social issue and building lasting relationships. For participation in an alternative break to be rewarding, it requires commitment and dedication. Participants are required to attend regular trip meetings where they will get to know their fellow trip members and become educated about all aspects of the trip and about the social issue(s) addressed by their service. After returning from spring break, students will participate in post-trip reflection.

• All participants must be a full-time undergraduate Florida Tech student in good standing with the University.

Important Dates and Commitments

The following items are important to ensure quality preparation for the upcoming year with the Florida Tech Alternative Break Program.

Friday, September 14: Participant Application Due

The OrgSync form must be submitted online.

Monday, September 17 – Thursday, September 20: Participant Interviews

Participants will receive an email to set-up an interview for that week.

By Friday, September 21 by 5:00pm: Final Participants Announced

            The students selected to attend the trip will be announced by 5:00pm.

TBD based off participants schedules: Participant Kick-Off + Meeting Schedule Announced

Participants will come together to meet their chaperones and other participants.  During the kick-off participants will begin to familiarize themselves with both the issue focus of the alternative break.  Participants will also receive the meeting schedule for the fall and spring semesters.

Trip Costs

The Florida Tech Alternative Spring Break Program is $500.00 per student and includes the following:

  • All transportation for the program
  • Lodging
  • 100% of meals
  • Group excursions that are included on the final schedule
  • Educational and cultural community engagement activities
  • T-shirt
  • Backpack + goodies needed for trip
  • Travel Insurance

The Florida Tech Alternative Spring Break Program fees DO NOT include the following:

  • Souvenirs
  • Extra snacks or special food

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