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Welcome to Stop Trafficking of Persons

Come and join the movement to END SLAVERY!

General meetings: Every Tuesday in Butte Hall 223 from 5:30 PM- 6:30 PM! (Fall 2018)

Membership Requirement:

  • Table once a week
  • Join one committee
  • Bring someone to a meeting/event
  • Research on one fact about human trafficking or a current event

Sign up for the email list right outside Butte Hall where we table and find out more information on how you can help end human trafficking! If you have any questions please email:

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Follow us on Instagram: @chicostatestop

Follow us on Twitter: @csucstop


Portal Information


Awareness and prevention of human trafficking. General meetings are open to ALL Members of the Community and Chico State students, students are not required to RSVP their attendance. We encourage everyone to attend.


Activist/Political/Social Justice

Advisor Name

Alexandra Kokkinakas

Membership Requirements

What are the minimum requirements for a person to join your organization?

Table once a week, join one committee, bring someone to a meeting/event, research on one fact about human trafficking or a current event

List the names of ALL members who are authorized to do business on campus for your club, including your President and Treasurer (i.e. book rooms, reserve tabling, etc.). ONLY THOSE NAMES THAT APPEAR ON THIS LIST WILL BE AUTHORIZED CLUB REPRESENTATIVES.

Addy Zambrano, Yvonne Gonzalez, Dulce Duque, Kate Tanshcel, Janja Lalich, Alexandra Kokkinakas

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