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Hungry Hungry Hippos

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Monday, Apr 18, 2016
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM CDT
RWC Mac CourtMap Location

Hungry, Hungry, Hippos is a life-sized version of the game ‘Hungry Hippos’. Instead of hippos competing to get the food in the pit, participants will compete to get food from the pit.

  • The objective of this game is to get as many points possible by “eating” the largest amount of balloons and balls
  • Each match will begin with the sound of a whistle and will last 2 minutes long
  • There will be two people per team at a time competing
  • There will be a “pit” in the center of the playing field filled with balloons and balls
  • Balloons are worth 1 point and balls are worth five
  • In order to get to the pit one team member will lay on a scooter while the other is standing up and holding their feet, like a wheel barrel race. It is the upright teammate’s job to move the horizontal teammate to the balloons and balls and then back to the territory
  • Small laundry baskets will be used to acquire, “eat”, the balloons and balls from the “pit”. You are only allowed to use your hands to hold the baskets but not to put balls and balloons in the baskets.
  • Teams must not pass the tape surrounding the pit with their scooter
  • Once balloons and balls are collected, other teams are not allowed to steal balls from other territories
  • No pushing people off of their scooters or ramming into each other. If a member of the Steering Committee or Planning Committee thing contact was intentional the entire team will be disqualified.