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Service Hour Reporting - Spring 2015

This form should be used to report all your service hours to the Chapter. It is currently recommended that you enter them as you go, not all at once; this form allows for one project per submission. If something seems off, the director of service has the discretion to decline the hours or request more verification.

The areas of service are broken done as follows:

Service to the Nation: this is for nation wide service projects or a project that makes a difference on an national level.
Service to the community: this is where most of your service hours will fall; these are projects in Saint Louis that make a difference for or in the community.
Service to the campus: these projects will be the hours that are projects that make a difference to the University of Missouri - Saint Louis.
Service to the Fraternity: these hours are for time spent on fraternity things or a fraternity related service project. Officers that do a lot programming for the Chapter will report serious hours here. Event coordinators for events the Chapter does can enter hours here as well.

Do your best to judge where your hours fall. If the director of service feels the project doesn't fit the category you listed it as it will be re-opened for changes.

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