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Mission Statement:

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs Student Veteran Organization serves as a source of
knowledge, support, representation, and camaraderie to any and all students who are seeking education at
UCCS. UCCSSVO is committed to the following: helping returning veterans adjust to student life; serving as
a conduit between students and UCCS; reaching out to fellow veterans through service, projects and
philanthropic activities; cooperating with veterans’ organization around the state and country; and serving as
a social organization for veterans.


• Promote communication and interaction among veterans, military-affiliated students, and other
campus members to ensure academic success and an overall military friendly environment.
• Educate the surrounding community about the unique experiences, circumstances, strengths, and
needs of military veterans and their families. Work with the university administration to meet the
needs of student veterans.
• Begin a Student Veterans’ Affairs Senator/Cabinet fusion in the SGA or some kind of
liaison/conduit between the student veteran body and SGA.
• Host/sponsor at least one campus event each semester.
• Collaborate with other student organizations at UCCS.

Portal Information


A social and professional network for student veterans and their families while earning their degree here at UCCS.



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