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We are Absolute Zero, Cornell's only club dedicated to the art of b-boying (breakdance). Founded in 1999 out of a common interest for hip hop culture, feeling the beat, and making people go crazy and shout nonsense words, the club has continued to promote an interest in bboying across the Cornell campus and in the greater Ithaca community.

The Club hosts practice sessions every week open to all Cornell students. Dedicated members can have to opportunity of joining Absolute Zero Crew, a subset of the Club that enters battles and performs.

Confirmed practice times are below. Please check and join our e-mail list for announcements.

Practice schedule
Tuesday/Thursdays 9-11pm at Willard Straight Hall

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Absolute Zero (AZero) is Cornell University's premiere breakdance crew, founded in 1999 out of a common interest for hip hop culture, feeling the beat, and making people go crazy and shout nonsense words. We are both a club within Cornell and an active crew in the worldwide bboy/bgirl community. As a club, we host open practice sessions and promote an interest in breaking across the Cornell campus. As a crew, we battle, perform, and give back to the community through the art of hip hop.



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Our goals are the mastery of our bodies in dance through practice, and the fostering of relationships with crewmembers, breakdance club members, alumni, other dance troupes, the larger Cornell community, friends, and acquaintances through our love of breaking, funkstyles, and music.

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Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays at Willard Straight Hall 5th Floor / Helen Newman Dance Studio

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All members of the Cornell community may join Absolute Zero Breakdance Club with no requirements or previous experience. However, members who wish to represent Absolute Zero in competitions outside of Cornell must be formally selected based on their performance in an initiation battle and their practice ethic.

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Andrew Klapproth

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Eugene Lee

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Benjamin Lee

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Ryan Dutta

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Ben Ortiz