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Welcome to Hortus Forum!
Cultivating a positive social community which fosters a passion for plants and teaches the value of horticulture.

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Hortus Forum is a club which functions to cultivate a positive social community, which fosters a passion for plants, and teaches the value of horticulture. Gain experience through hands-on activities in greenhouse production, marketing, outdoor plants and current trends in the plant science world.



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Registration Status - 2018-19


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21A Plant Science Building

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Cultivating a positive social community which fosters a passion for plants and teaches the value of horticulture.

Hortus Forum has a key role in…providing educational experiences beyond the classroom and teaching the Cornell community about plants. This includes but is not limited to: field trips, presentations and workshops, promotion of internships, career development opportunities, and social events.

Hortus Forum provides a forum for conversation with campus representatives, such as administrators. Representing plant science students to administration is not necessarily a priority, given the diversity of majors represented.

Plant sales are a necessary function of the organization; they are a means of generating revenue, and are utilized as learning opportunities and outreach.

Although plant sales primarily encompass ornamental plants, Hortus Forum represents the breadth horticulture and includes opportunities for engaging with a diversity of plant-based experiences.

Hortus Forum provides value to the Department of Horticulture through…
· Fostering a culture of inclusiveness, in which all are welcome.

· Promoting an interest in horticulture.

· Giving exposure to horticulture to students from throughout the university.

· Providing important outside-the-classroom experiences in Horticulture.

· Adding an attractive, appealing image/appearance to the Cornell greenhouses.

· Maintaining the reputation, continuity and history of a long running organization.

· Providing an important, healthy, positive social arena for students from throughout the campus community with similar interests.

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Wednesdays, 4:40pm
Room G22 Plant Science Building

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Jonathan Price

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Nicole Bradbury

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1st Greenhouse Manager

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Alexander Liu

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2nd Greenhouse Manager

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Veronika Vogel

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Marcia Eames-Sheavly