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Welcome to Wildcat Gaming

We are college students with a passion for gaming, whether it be online, in-person, or board games! Join, meet new people to play with, get better, teach others. Feel free to contact us at or join us on Facebook!

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Wildcat Gaming is your home for gaming on campus.

Wildcat Gaming hosts a variety of games ranging from desktop, console, and tabletop games. We work to create a fun environment for casual and competitive gamers on campus.


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Stephen Krok

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Membership Requirements

What are the minimum requirements for a person to join your organization?

1. Membership will require a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), maintaining six (6) units, and must not be on academic or social probation. Membership will not be determined by class level, major, or on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, gender, marital status, color, veteran status, or disability. In order to be considered an official club member, a student must attend one of the club's monthly meetings to be added to the roster.
2. Members are required to attend one meeting a month (includes telecommunications, mainly Discord), and have an interest in and actively participate in seeking to improve yourself and others in esport-related activities. There will be no semester dues, and eligible non-students can join the club if they satisfy the non-academic requirements. Eligible non-students can attend all meetings and cast their vote.
3. Members are responsible for practicing outside of meeting times, and contributing to whatever project the club votes on.
4. Membership may be terminated or withdrawn by a vote if the accused member has actively avoided meetings or performed a criminal action.
5. Members are expected to be courteous, kind, and respectful in their conduct with other members and non-members. Members who insult or harm other members, or make them feel unwelcome by their words or actions may lose eligibility for membership. Should complaints be made by members or sufficient evidence be evident, action may be taken at the discretion of the President.
6. 20% of our club members are allowed to be non-Chico state students. However, non-student members may not be allowed to compete in competitive tournaments due to eligibility requirements set forth by the tournament organizers.

List the names of ALL members who are authorized to do business on campus for your club, including your President and Treasurer (i.e. book rooms, reserve tabling, etc.). ONLY THOSE NAMES THAT APPEAR ON THIS LIST WILL BE AUTHORIZED CLUB REPRESENTATIVES.

Shawn Rogers
Seth Heneveld
Alexander Lopez
Theron Howard
Stephen Krok

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