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Pre-Medical Association

The club has much to offer pre-health students including: shadowing opportunities, volunteering, guest speakers, MCAT study materials, a chance to be a leader, great medical field experience, study groups, medical conferences, and much more! The Pre-Med association is here to help you grow in the health profession you have chosen, and to offer you resources to achieve your goals successfully. We are a very well-rounded association with lots of knowledge about our common goals in the medical field to share and teach. We are here for you and your future, so come use this valuable tool and join us in our biweekly meetings!

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We provide all the resources future health care professionals may need to be successful in their chosen career. We give members access to a full library of MCAT study materials, pre-requisite courses, lists of doctors to shadow, as well as volunteer and research opportunities. Highly knowledgeable guest speakers are a frequent feature of our meetings, including physicians, physician's assistants (PA's), nurse practitioners (NP's), EMT's, and medical school representatives. Perhaps the most valuable resource that we offer is the chance to spend time with a group of students with the same ambitions, goals, and obstacles.



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David Stachura

Membership Requirements

What are the minimum requirements for a person to join your organization?

A person must have respect for others and have an interest in the medical field.

List the names of ALL members who are authorized to do business on campus for your club, including your President and Treasurer (i.e. book rooms, reserve tabling, etc.). ONLY THOSE NAMES THAT APPEAR ON THIS LIST WILL BE AUTHORIZED CLUB REPRESENTATIVES.

Dahlia Chavez
Daniel Human
Josh Crane
Sharon Mai
Kallie Griffin
Sara Zuniga
Alexis Garate

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5:30 PM

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Holt 268