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Welcome to Rainy Day, Cornell's longest-running undergraduate literary magazine! Submissions for the Fall 2018 issue are now closed. Submissions for the Spring 2019 issue will be accepted beginning in September 2018.

For more information about us, please visit our website at

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Rainy Day is an undergraduate publication sponsored by Cornell University. We strive to publish the best poetry and fiction from colleges and universities across the country. Submissions are accepted throughout each semester, and we publish biannually in the fall and spring.



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Rainy Day is the longest running literary magazine on the Cornell University campus, publishing a biannual magazine presenting the finest student literary works to the widest audience possible. We are a cooperative group of editors who critique work through interactive meetings. Our staff members come from a myriad of backgrounds: Economics, Biology, Philosophy, English and other majors. We have been publishing for 47 years at Cornell and were founded by Professor Kenneth A. McClane who is a professor at Cornell currently and who said in our 30th anniversary issue, “Rainy Day might well be the longest-lived student publication in the country.” Rainy Day is a prestigious magazine with a long tradition: in our first year, we published a poem by Richard Price, a now-famous novelist and screenwriter (author of “Clockers”) and published poems by now famed writers Anselm Hollo, James Bertolino, and Thomas Johnson.

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