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Welcome to the Neeley Consulting Club OrgSync site! 

The Consulting Club strives to provide TCU students with information about the benefits and opportunities in the world of consulting, and provides a support base for relationship building and interview readiness.

*** Leadership positions are open: NCC is recruiting 1 Vice President of Operations and 1 Vice President of Communication. These officers should be available to assume the roles of President and Vice President for the school year 2018-2019. 

Please find the position descriptions in the "Files" tab or here:

To apply, please submit the following documents to Hunter Stevens ( & Anh Sylvia Nguyen ( Deadline: 11:59PM September 29th, 2017.

  1. Resume. (Please name the file as: lastname,firstname_resume).
  2. A paper no longer than 500 words answering the following questions:
    What position(s) do you want to apply and why?
    What do you like about consulting?

    Explain 2-3 things you will do in that position to benefit the organization?
    (Please name the file as: lastname,firstname_essay).

If you have any questions about the NCC or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact President Hunter Stevens ( or Executive Vice President Anh Sylvia Nguyen (  

Portal Information


The Consulting Club provides TCU students with information about consulting as a career and fosters a support base for relationship building and recruitment readiness.



Organization Mission

Describe the purpose and mission of your proposed organization.

The Consulting Club strives to provide TCU students with information about the benefits and opportunities in the world of consulting in an attempt to grow awareness the industry.

President Name

President/Charter member of an organization must have completed a minimum of one (1) semester (Fall or Spring) at TCU and be in good standing with the University. Good standing is defined in the Student Organizations Handbook under Membership Requirements for Student Organizations.

Hunter Stevens

President Email

Please use valid email addresses

Advisor Name

Advisor must be a full-time TCU faculty, staff or chaplain. Advisor will be contacted to confirm commitment.

Kelly O'Brien

Advisor School Title

(e.g. Professor, Chaplain, etc.)


Advisor Email

Please complete the following form for the organization that you advise.

Membership Requirements

Please list any/all membership requirements and/or qualifications that are expected of new members. Please refer to the Student Organizations Handbook under Memebership Requirements for Student Organizations.

1. The student must be in good standing with the university
2. To ensure fulfillment of the TCU Consulting Club's mission, all members will be strongly encouraged to participate in professional, community service and social events held by the TCU Consulting Club, as well as other events of special interest to the TCU Consulting Club.

Membership Dues/Fees

Will your organization require members to pay dues or entrance/initiation fees?


If yes, please define dues and initiation expenses (include if dues are paid by semester or year)

Members will be responsible for dues amounting to $25 per semester

Membership Selection

How will new members join the organization?

Open enrollment - students may join at any time

Membership Selection Timeline

If membership in your organization is an application & selection process, please indicate when you typically select new members? (Check all that apply)

  • Not Applicable