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Welcome to Language Expansion Program!

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The Cornell Public Service Center (PSC) Language Expansion Program (LEP) is a student-led program that fosters language learning in a comfortable, encouraging environment for its participants. LEP provides a unique opportunity for individuals in the Ithaca community to pursue their interest in a second language and to improve their ability to speak it.

LEP seeks to reduce language barriers and to foster an environment that’s conducive to learning more about not only the technical aspects of the language, but also the culture that envelops it.

We hold weekly Language Corner events so that language learners can practice their foreign language conversational skills.


Public Service

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300 Kennedy Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853

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The program is intended to provide Cornell affiliates and Ithaca community members with an opportunity to engage in a reciprocal language exchange. The mission of the Language Expansion Program is:
-- To efficiently promote language learning and practice through our weekly Language Corner events.
-- To encourage participation in events that will further enhance the language-learning experience such as our annual Language Fest.

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Mondays 4:30 - 5:30 PM , Huddle 332, Kennedy Hall (PSC)

Selection Process

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Everyone is welcome to attend our events.
In order to be considered as part of our General Body, members must have a 66% attendance percentage to weekly Language Corners including other events.
Applicants for the executive board must complete an online application and interview process to be considered for selection.

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Erick Palma

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Camelia Wu

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Paola A. Camacho-Lemus

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Kalen Chang

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Joyce Muchan