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 The Office of Volunteerism & (Student) Leadership is designed  to provide students with the skills; knowledge and opportunities to serve their communities; with an overarching goal to become active local and global leaders by promoting the College's Core Values of accountability; responsibility and collaboration through service and leadership training.  





Portal Information


The Office of Volunteerism & Leadership (OVAL) helps students build the knowledge
and skills to become active local and global leaders.

Through service and leadership training, OVAL promotes Wake Tech’s core values:
accountability, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, respect, and responsibility.



Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organizations selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

Contact Melanie Weast or Mariel Steinbeiser

Meeting Location

Main Campus SSB 128F & North Campus BB 137A

Advisor Name

Melanie Weast

Advisor Title

Coordinator of Volunteerism & Leadership

Advisor Email
Advisor Phone


Advisor Name

Mariel Steinbeiser

Advisor Title

Assistant Coordinator of Volunteerism & Leadership

Advisor Phone