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Iota Nu Delta... we are the FIRST South Asian greek organization in the world. We are built off of our three pillars: MIND, BODY, SOUL. These three pillars build the foundation for our striving reach of Shakti...the eternal perfection of the pillars. We are a multicultural org which has brothers from all parts of the world. We thrive as a salad bowl of diversity and the underlying causes we hope to spread. We are known on ECU's campus as a small but strong movement of individuals. We have rush and recruitment in the spring and the fall. If you would like more information contact Rohan Parekh ( or through our twitter or facebook.


"Few men consider this path...even fewer decide to step forward....and a mere portion last to pride themselves on our three letters. Do you see success in your future? Do you see the flame? Come out, be more than a witness, be history itself."

Portal Information


We are a South Asian multicultural Fraternity on ECU's campus. We were founded by the eight great National Founding Fathers at our Alpha Chapter at the University of Binghamton on the date of February 7th, 1994. As a bold and professional organization we host many events that distinguish our name on campus. We have hosted multiple events and informationals and also partake in multicultural events.


Multicultural Greek Council

President Name

Kajan Kannan

Vice President Name

No more officers at this time.

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Treasurer Name

Savan Patel

Reservationist Name

Each organization may only have one officer listed with CRO to reserve space on campus.This role may be included in the responsibility of the President, VP, or other officers.


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Risk Manager Name

Rohan Parekh

Risk Manager Email
Social Chair Name (person who plans events)

Anand Jose

Social Chair Email
Council Delegate Name

Rohan Parekh

Council Delegate Email
Recruitment/Intake Chair Name

Anand Jose

Recruitment/Intake Chair Email
On-campus advisor

Please list your on-campus advisor as determined by your National Office

Dorothea Mack

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Current active members


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