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LSA provides students with:

Cultural Enrichment

Networking Opportunities

Community Services


Latino Student Association Officers:
Beatriz Martinez as President
Udis Calderon as Vice President
Adriana Zarate as Chief Information Officer
Sheila Sanchez as Chief Financial Officer
 Johan Rodriguez as Vice President of Outreach
Maxi Ramirez as Vice President of Event Management
Christopher Ruedas as Vice President of Membership
Ximena Luna as Vice President of Public Relations

Portal Information


The Latino Student Association presents UNG students with an insightful, cultural experience from Central America, to South America, and to the Caribbean’s through uniquely crafted events. Also, the organization is a strong believer in providing students with networking opportunities and community services. These opportunities (help or will) provide students (with) a growth of leadership that is essential in the professional world.


Special Interest


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Club/Organization Name

Latino Student Association (GVL)

Meeting Day, Time, and Location

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Wednesdays, 12:00PM, Robinson Ballroom BCDE

Mission Statement

1. The purpose of the UNG Latino Student Association shall be to encourage its members to become leaders by promoting the Hispanic Culture as a source of empowerment through socialization, education, and leadership activities. 2. The UNG Latino Student Association shall emphasize diversity in order to nurture, guide, and support the Latino Youth. 3. The UNG Latino Student Association shall coordinate and promote activities, programs and fundraising events that are of support to the goals of the organization.

Advisor Name

Pablo Picazo-Garcia

Advisor Title

Coordinator for Multicultural Student Affairs and Latino Success

Organization Email/Website