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Welcome to our University of North Georgia Earth Science Club former Geology Club. Our mission is to help students apply geology outside the classroom and, how it can be beneficial with other areas of academic and careers. It will cover Earth Science. We will provide you with the sources that will help you better prepare for you future.

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Our primary function is to create opportunities for students interested in geosciences to further their interests and build relationships with other students with similar interests. We work with the geology department to maintain the university's rocks, minerals, and fossils collection and we also maintain close ties to the Geospatial Alliance club for continuing education opportunities in Geographic Information Science. Special topics lectures have included but are not limited to: medical geology, planetary geology, mineralogy and GIS, and environmental geology.




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Geoscience Association

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Mondays, 12pm, Science 203

Mission Statement

The goal of the Geoscience Association is to promote continued professional growth in the areas of geoscience and to encourage professional responsibility that includes ethical, social, economic, and safety considerations. To promote a learning environment that also engages members in geoscience and captivates the attention of the community.

Advisor Name

Christopher Seminack

Advisor Title

Professor of Geology