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2016-17 Graduate Assistant Openings - Due October 30.

Hello Everyone:

This form will help us finalize the open graduate assistant positions for the 2016-17 academic year. You will be asked to identify the position as well as submit an updated, detailed job description.

All job descriptions are posted on the CSAL website. If you haven’t visited the website recently, it is at .  It probably isn’t very helpful to send the formal job description you have submitted to Graduate Studies. It should be more condensed and engaging.

You also need to tell us if it is an EXTENDED CONTRACT or ACADEMIC YEAR contract.  Extended contracts pay a stipend of $4,500 per semester ($3,000 for Housing plus apartment and meal plan). Academic year contracts pay $4,000 per semester and generally run from about one week before Fall Semester begins through April. Be sure to include the dates for your academic year position in the job description.

If summer employment is also a requirement, please include that and describe the contract length and beginning date.

CSAL Graduate Assistant Orientation will be August 1 - 5. If your academic year GA doesn’t start until later, we will still invite them to orientation and hope you will encourage them to attend if possible.


If you anticipate an opening for next year and want to interview candidates, be sure to make yourself (and other staff) available for interviews on February 19 and March 4 from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. As previously stated, Visitation Days will be changing to a two day format (Thursday/Friday). Interviews will only be on the Fridays (February 19 and March 4). There will scheduled interviews as well as a "Speed Interview" event. More details to come.

Thank you so much for your assistance with the recruitment and selection of our CSAL graduate assistants! We look forward to working with you!

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