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Partnership Level Change Request Form

Thank you for your partnership with the Center for Community Engaged Learning. This form will be used to change your current tier level for the upcoming year. As a reminder in our tiered partnership model we have three levels, Cub - which is our entry level, Wildcat - that serves as our Mid-level, and Purple Pride - which is our highest level. Each one of these tiers has specific eligibility criteria and benefits which can be viewed on our tiered partnerships webpage. To change your level of partnership with the Center for Community Engaged Learning, please complete and submit this form. Please note that the only time we accept requests to modify your tier level is during the month of January. 

Once we have received your submission, the Center for Community Engaged Learning's management will review your application and decide if your organization meets the criteria of your indicated level of partnership. In the event your organization does not meet all the required criteria, you will be informed as to which requirements have not been met and how to fulfill those requirements. 

If your application is approved you will be provided access to information regarding your new benefits and responsibilities. At this point, it is recommended to speak with the Center for Community Engaged Learning's Community Partner Coordinator, Jenny Frame, to determine how to best use these new resources.  

One of the requirements for increasing your current level of partnership is attending the Volunteer Management Training. There are six sessions given by a member of the Center for Community Engaged Learning's staff on topics ranging from volunteer recruitment to volunteer evaluation and assessment. Please note, in order to move from one tier to another, partners must send a representative to at least five of the six sessions. At each of these meetings representatives will be provided training materials and lunch. Individuals completing the course will become State Certified Volunteer Managers and will receive a printed certificate of completion.

The Center for Community Engaged Learning will be sending out reminders about how and when to apply for a tier advancement and with information surrounding Volunteer Management Training. If at anytime you have questions regarding changing your level of partnership, please contact the Center for Community Engaged Learning at 801-626-7737 or speak with our Community Partner Coordinator, Jenny Frame,

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