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Zombie Sex Tips Halloween Campaign

Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017 - Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017
All Day
University of CalgaryMap Location

Sexual assault is a noteworthy problem on campuses nationwide. CASE is actively aiming to prevent sexual assault at the University of Calgary through the club’s presence on campus and various awareness campaigns, such as the Halloween Campaign. CASE takes great care to take an approach to prevention that focuses on the fact that anyone is capable of committing sexual assault (and therefore capable of preventing it!), rather than taking the gendered and victim blaming approach often seen in most other sexual assault prevention tactics. 

As in previous years, the Halloween Campaign will begin with a series of visuals placed strategically around campus the Monday prior to Halloween. Specifically, two large reusable laminated banners, 11”x17”full colour posters, and a display in the SU Club House window. These visuals will feature “Zombie Sex Tips”, which serve as a fun, yet thought provoking, analogy to intoxication and consensual sex. 

All day Halloween, CASE will have a series of booths around campus. Each booth will present information about CASE featuring an eye-catching reusable stand up retractable banner with the general definition of consent. Additionally, the booth will have a variety of quality conversation incentives (candy, stickers, bookmarks, and condoms). CASE volunteers will be dressed in costume and approach students with full colour handouts featuring “Zombie Sex Tips”, myths about consent, and general tips to stay safe during Halloween.  In addition to the booths, "swag bags" will be distributed by street teams and will be available for distribution at the booths. The swag bags will contain an individually wrapped piece of candy, a condom, a CASE sticker, and a bookmark containing information about consent. 

“Recency illusion” is the well-known marketing technique that creates the cognitive bias of seeing a product everywhere. Big and bright visuals, such as the laminated banner, tabloid sized colour posters, reusable stand up retractable banner, and full colour handouts are needed to ensure this technique is successful. In addition, a bright campaign will help establish CASE on campus as a professional and dedicated club. The CASE Halloween Campaign purpose is to create a “seeing everywhere” effect on students since Halloween is a high-risk time for sexual-assault. To ensure the campaign message reaches students the day of Halloween, popular treats (in a selection suitable for most allergies and dietary restrictions) will be used to persuade students into a brief conversation and accepting a handout.

The Halloween Campaign has had a significant impact on the wellbeing of students in the past by spreading consent awareness. Although the risk of sexual-assault is always prevalent, it's very helpful and important to remind students that Halloween poses higher risks due to identities being hidden by costumes, the false belief that wearers of certain costumes are asking for sexual attention, and the increased consumption of alcohol and/or other decision altering drugs. 

Past campaigns have been very well received by the student body. People find CASE's approach to be relatable, memorable, and most importantly helpful. By taking preventative measures on potential perpetrators, such as educating students about consent during the Halloween campaign, the event will ultimately make campus a safer place by reducing sexual assault.