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The mission of the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee Student Government is to support our students through Activities, Services, Advocacy, Leadership and School Pride. 

The Student Government Association at USF Sarasota/Manatee gives students the chance to assume a leadership role on campus and to participate in the planning and implementation of major campus events.  Leadership and team-building are stressed to help prepare students for the future in whatever career they choose to pursue.

For more information on Student Government, or to find out how to get involved, contact Michael Klene at

Remember, you can only make a difference if you use your voice!

Check out the USFSM SGA Website:

Executive Branch
Michael Klene, Student Body President

Evan Fruehauf, Student Body Vice President
Gustavo Delgado, Chief Financial Officer

Isabelle Starner, Chief of Staff
Yolanda Woody, Attorney General
N/A, Director of Community and Governmental Affairs

Legislative Branch
Megan Griffiths, Student Senate President
Kimberly Nance, Student Senate President Pro-Tempore
N/A, Student Senate Clerk
Justin Urban, Student Senator/Amendments Committee Chair  
David Jones, Student Senator/ Judiciary and Ethics Committee Chair
Jocelyn Riley, Student Senator/UCGA Chair
Victoria Ferroni-Ocasio, Student Senator/Appropriations Committee Chair

Peyton Moore, Student Senator
N/A, Student Senator
N/A, Student Senator
N/A, Solicitor General

Judicial Branch
Madison Koch, Chief Justice 
Joshua Ghansiam, Ranking Justice
Molly Nevius, Senior Justice
Abdullah Naseem, Associate Justice
N/A, Associate Justice
N/A, Associate Justice 
N/A, Associate Justice

Campus Activities Board
Averi Hellrung, CAB President
John Long, CAB Vice President
N/A, Event Coordinator
N/A, Media Relations Coordinator
N/A, Campus Life Coordinator
N/A, Vendor and Fiscal Coordinator 

The Office of Marketing and Promotions
Lukas Oest, Director of Marketing and Promotions 
N/A, Lead Graphic Designer 
Bria Miller, Coordinator of Promotions

Bri Graber, Coordinator of Content Development

Portal Information


Student Government is an association that embodies the academic excellence, scholarly discipline, equal opportunity, and leadership this is valued at USFSM. Student Government is composed of the Executive, Judicial, Legislative Branch and the Campus Activities Board. Together, we act as liaisons between the faculty and staff to ensure that the concerns of the students do not remain obscure. We create an environment where students can express their creativity, voice positive and negative constructive feedback, and find acceptance. Student Government doubles as a place for students to obtain employment and to hone their leadership, networking, communication skills.


Student Governance

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