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Welcome to Chico State Men's Ultimate! We're an organization of student athletes dedicated to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. We play in competitive tournaments in the fall and spring against teams from all over the west coast, in hopes of making it to Nationals and competing in the big leagues.

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Men's Ultimate is a men's sport club dedicated to the awesome sport of Ultimate Frisbee.


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The Chico State Men's Ultimate Frisbee team strives to provide the opportunity to play the incredible sport of Ultimate to the students of CSU Chico, while teaching them the competitive and fun standards of the sport through the Spirit of the Game.

Club Mailing Address

CSU, Chico WREC Rec Sports-Men's Ultimate



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Meeting Day

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

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Chico State Track stadium

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Kendall Ross

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Matthew Logoteta

Vice President Name

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Nick Dahms

Treasurer Name

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Andrew Matheson

Safety Officer Name

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Jesus Alfaro

Trip Leader Name

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Nick McConnell