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Welcome to The Chico States Women's Rugby Page!

Women's rugby is the leading D1 team at Chico State. We are not only dedicated to hard work, perseverance, determination and each other. As a team we also focus on community service, academic excellence, youth outreach and tradition.

We work with players around their schedules for school and work. All are welcome regardless of fitness, year in school, major, or experience. 

Informational Meeting Selvesters 100 Sept. 6th @ 6pm!!

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Women's Rugby at CSU Chico is a Division 1 club sport that is nationally ranked. We have a national championship under our belt as well as 9 Sweet 16 appearances. We pride ourselves on being hugely competitive, academically successful, being involved with the Chico Wild Oaks Youth Rugby foundation, and taking part in many local Chico events.

Women's rugby begins its season with regular practices starting on September 11th. No prior knowledge is needed to play. All body types, athletic abilities, and ages are welcome. Team work and determination are aspects that we instill into our players each and every day. If you have the passion and willingness to grow, we have the tools to get you there.

"All the talent in the world won't take you anywhere without your teammates."
- Unknown


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Develop leadership skills through hard work, dedication, and team work. We pride ourselves on being competitive on a national level, being directly involved with local youth rugby, and playing a huge role in Chico community events.

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CSU, Chico WREC Rec Sports-Women's Rugby



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Monday 6-8, Wednesday 6-8

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Kendall Ross

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All that are physically able to play are welcome!

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Anestassia Gray-Berger

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Jennifer Brissenden

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Reilly Iwakiri

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Hannah Westfall

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Rebecca Kilmartin