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Welcome to the Chico State Women's Lacrosse Team Page!

Please email us with an questions you may have at

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We are a dedicated group of women driven by competition, a sense of community, and an overall love of the game. The CSU Chico Women's lacrosse team strives to become the best, on and off the field, by competing at a high level year round. If you are looking to be a part of an amazing team, represent Chico State as a student athlete, and WIN then please contact us.


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We are a competitive women's lacrosse team, competing in the Western Women's Lacrosse League, playing teams all throughout California. Practices take place in the fall and spring, with games, and travel primarily taking place between January and April. We pride ourselves on creating a tight family unit while maintaining a high level of commitment and play in order to represent CSU Chico in the highest degree.

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CSU, Chico WREC Rec Sports-Women's Lacrosse



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Kendall Ross

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We accept both experienced lacrosse players and players who have never picked up a stick before. Any student who has the desire to play and the willingness to learn we want on our team!

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Madison Shartel

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Maddy Freeman

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Kim Huynh

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Katy Gough

Trip Leader Name

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Megan Sylvester