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Action Plan: Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence (IE) is the recognition that a community or institution's success is dependent on how well it values, engages and includes the rich diversity of students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni constituents. More than a short-term project or single chapter initiative, this comprehensive approach requires a fundamental transformation of the community by embedding and practicing IE in every effort, aspect, and level of a fraternity and sorority community. The goal is to make IE a habit that is implemented and practiced consistently throughout a community.

Action Plan

You’ve assessed the current state of your chapter’s inclusive excellence efforts, and set goals to improve them, but what is your step by step plan to achieving those goals? Following the completion of goal setting, the chapter should develop the plan for achieving goals in each of the three areas. Remember, the action plan should outline the smaller steps taken to reach the larger goal. [15 points]

Documentation includes a summary of the action plan, not to exceed five pages. [Due ]

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