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Welcome to Oklahoma City University's Involved Page on Orgsync! We are excited to assist you in your planning needs. The Involved Center offers the following services to students, faculty, and staff:

  • Provide trainings on many of the useful Orgsync functions.
  • Assist in Organization registration and re-registration.
  • Provide Student Affairs equipment rentals for your fun events.
  • Provide tabling opportunities outside of the Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center.
  • Assist you in reserving space for your next event.
  • Provide you with opportunities to share your events campus wide.
  • Offer fantastic, customizable assessment tools through Orgsync and the card swipe function.

Portal Information


The INVOLVED Center is a platform to connect students to other students, organizations, campus events, news and information.



What type of events do you host?

(For example: social, service, brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership, physical/fitness, etc.)

Events catered to OCU Students, Faculty and Staff.

University Center Usage Policy

The Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center Usage Policy
The Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center provides a range of activities and facilities for the students, faculty, staff, alumni, University community, and guests of the University. Consistent with the stated mission and purpose of Oklahoma City University, and to ensure maximum, efficient and fair use of the University Center, the following policies govern the reservation and use of facilities:

Interior and exterior space adjacent to the University Center shall be reserved through the website and shall be approved or denied by the University Center Manager. The Organization number for is 746615915. Student organizations are required to be officially recognized by the University, in order to reserve space in the University Center. To receive the free use of the room, it must be reserved for official University business. Space in the Tom and Brenda Mc Daniel University Center is in high demand, requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible. Event organizers (this includes faculty, staff and students) are expected to make requests for space at least 15 days in advance of the event. The University Center Management reserves the right to deny requests not submitted within this time. Events taking place in the University Center may not include unnecessarily risky activities, for the safety of guests, and preservation of University Center resources. Unnecessarily risky activities include but are not limited to any type of contact sport, use of an open flame, or unauthorized electrical appliances and equipment.

The University Center will supply podiums, piano, projector AV, and PA systems and easels on a complimentary basis upon request. Pianos are tuned regularly; however, guest may request that a piano be tuned at an unscheduled time for an additional fee. Set-up and equipment needs must be requested at least five full working days prior to the event. Requests are assigned in the order they are received; therefore, late requests cannot always be honored due to equipment, staff and time limitations. If equipment is not available, the customer will be notified. Equipment is to be used within the confines of the Tom and Brenda University Center only. Outside patrons should note that price quotations given for room rental, and /or technical fees, more than three months in advance are subject to change.

Meeting rooms will be available approximately one-half hour before the scheduled event. The conditions of all meeting rooms and multi-purpose rooms in the University Center are checked before and after each event. Furniture should not be removed or rearranged. Any adjustments in room arrangements should be made through the Building Manager by calling (405) 208-6289. Persons and organizations using the space are held responsible for turning out lights and leaving the room in the same condition in which it was found. Student organizations and University departments may sponsor outside groups, contractors, vendors, or organizations; however a rental and set-up fee will apply. Soliciting or distributing information is only permitted by reserving a booth/ table, and is not permitted elsewhere in or around the University Center or Campus.

Booth space in the Student Lounge on the second floor of the University Center is available for the distribution of information regarding University and student events. Booth space shall be reserved through the Involved Center located on the lower lever of the University Center or by logging on to , and selecting the Student lounge as the location. Space is assigned in the order requests are received. No more than five separate groups will be allowed to occupy a booth in the Student lounge at the same time. Booth space is available to registered student organizations, and University departments at no charge. Posters and/or other materials including literature must be confined to the booth area and may not be attached to the wall or other places throughout the building. The use of tape, nails, staples or tacks is strictly prohibited. Any damage to the building surfaces will result in a damage fee being charged to the group and possible loss of booth privileges. Soliciting or distributing information is only permitted by reserving a booth and is not permitted elsewhere in or around the University Center or Campus.

Student organizations and University departments may host outside University vendors or contractors to sell merchandise when the organization or department reserves a space for official OCU use and the selling is supplemental to the event, not the primary use of the space (i.e., room may be reserved for guest speaker and guest speaker is allowed to sell his book, or room may be rented for conference and supplemental conference materials may be sold). All Non-University vendors and contractors must be pre-approved by the University Center manager. Any outside vendor or contractor may be asked to leave the University Center at the University Center Manager’s discretion. Outside vendors will not be permitted to sale food or beverages.

The person who reserved space must contact the Assistant Director of Facilities, Debra McVay at to cancel a reservation. A 48-hour notice of cancellation is necessary to avoid service charges. Any student organization that makes a reservation in the University Center and fails to honor that reservation by not canceling it within 48 hours of the scheduled event will be notified and charged a $100.00 fee. A second no-show violation will place the organization on probation and an additional fee will be applied. A third no-show will result in suspension of the organization from reserving space in the Tom and Brenda Mc Daniel University Center for the remainder of the current semester.
Events scheduled in the Tom and Brenda Mc Daniel University Center that are affected as a result of inclement weather (snow, ice, etc.) will follow the policies listed below.
• Events sponsored by registered student organizations will automatically be cancelled when the University is closed.

• University departments will be given the option of having the event as scheduled, rescheduling the event, or cancelling the event. Every effort will be made by the Events office to contact University departments.

• If the event continues as scheduled, the group will pay the full room rental fee for the event when applicable.

• If the event is rescheduled, the group will not be required to pay the room rental fee for the inclement weather date. The full rates for room rental and food will be charged for the rescheduled date's event when applicable.

If the event is cancelled, the group will not be required to pay the room rental fee.

The serving of alcohol as well as the use of Tobacco is not permitted anywhere on the Campus of Oklahoma City University.

  • I have read the University Usage Policy and agree with its terms of use.
Chalking Policy

Oklahoma City University Chalking Policy

Chalking must be approved by the Assistant Director of Student Activities. Chalking is only allowed on sidewalks and may not be within 30 feet of any building entrances.
Chalking is prohibited on all other surfaces on campus including but not limited to:

McDaniel University Center Patio Cobblestones
McDaniel University Center covered patio (outside of Alvin’s)
Brick surfaces
Metal Tables, Benches or Chairs
Trash Cans
Building exteriors
The Pavilion


  • I have read the University Chalking Policy and agree with its terms of use