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quadWelcome to Bellarmine University Gaming!

Our Mission

The main purpose of BUG is bringing the community of Bellarmine's gamers closer together through recreational activities, video gaming activities, and tabletop games. We seek to promote good sportsmanship and help further Bellarmine's reputation as an academic figure in the community by holding its members to a professional academic standard. To help attain these goals, we arrange monthly meetings where we discuss the current happenings of the organization and help plan for future events. Throughout the academic year, we put our competitive drives to the test in various tournaments in each genre of gaming. The tournaments will consist of: recreational, tabletop, and video gaming.

Be sure to check out all of the upcoming events throughout the semester by looking at the calendar and the events feed on the right! 

Board Game Fridays have been posted for the semester. See the Events list or the Calendar for more information.


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