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Organization Overview

BERT allows students to be trained as nationally certified EMTs and helps to train faculty and students in life-saving techniques. We serve as first-responders on-campus and as first aid for university and community events. Since our founding in 2007, we have assisted in the rescue, care, and transport of dozens of individuals at university and community events. BERT has forged strong partnerships and has worked alongside high-profile, major metropolitan agencies such as LMEMS, LFD, LMPD, etc. Through our mission and achievements, we increase Bellarmine University's standing as a multi-disciplinary institution that prepares its members for life through hands-on experience as well as knowledge earned in the classroom. Anyone with questions about BERT should email or ask any of our officers. We're all very friendly and if you see us in uniform, please do not hesitate to ask us questions about what we do.

Category Health and Wellness
Keywords medical, ems, trauma, emergency, 911, military, training, medical school, service, volunteer, emt, paramedic, ambulance, traige
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Aaron Kuzel

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David Porta

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