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Welcome to Student Government Association's U Knight page. On this page you can find several resources to learn more about the activities of your SGA, what we are doing, and who you can contact to make an impact on the Bellarmine Student community.


Your 2014-2015 Executive Board:

Amanda Martin

  SGA President


Patrick Griffo

  Vice President for Public Relations


Brandon Neltner

Vice President of Finance

  Jacob Hoerter

  Vice President of Educational Affairs



Abbi Oettel

  Vice President of Registered Student Orginzations


  Brandt Cloyd

  Vice President of Recreational Intramurals and Athletics



Brandt-Evan Baker

  Vice President of Campus Community Service



Trenton Phillips

  Chief of Staff

Portal Information


We, the students of Bellarmine University, recognize that as students we have both a right and a responsibility to contribute to the betterment of the University community by participating in its governance. Our aims are: 1) To promote responsibility among students by providing a means for students to participate in the governance of the University. 2) To provide services to the student body and to the general University community. 3) To encourage student involvement in the University and civic community. 4) To serve as an instrument through which students may find channels to express their viewpoints to the University community.


Student Governance

President Name

Amanda Martin

President Email
Advisor Name

Helen Grace Ryan

Advisor Email

Please upload your official constitution here. For an example of a constitution template, contact Student Activities at sfromm@bellarmine....

Number of Active Members